Green Eggs and Ham | Warner Bros.

Assistant Production Manager

• Supported Art Supervisor, Art Director, Digital Coordinator and up to 12 vis-dev artists with art/digital and office needs
• Set up, ran and wrapped concurrent cross-site meetings such as director reviews, art director reviews, editorial reviews, executive reviews and producer meetings
• Took notes and followed up on action items for director reviews, art director reviews, and production meetings
• Sent digital and art-related materials and notes from Director/Art Director to vendor
• Tracked the inflow/outflow of art and digital assets and filed them accordingly
• Prepared editorial change notes per sequence and sent to vendor
• Troubleshooted various video conference cross-site tools as well as media loaded over RV and Cinesync
• Read scratch dialogue for main character in between production records as needed
• Established Aspera protocol format and filing system to help organize materials being sent to/from vendor